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Weekly Blog 30 These three beautiful Lorikeets put a smile on my face even though I was having a tough day.  Sometimes when we slow down a little, we get to see how blessed we are by the amazing wonders that are all around us.  Yesterday, I had to stop my car for about 30 seconds because I mama duck was escorted her six chicks across the street. Lorikeet, Brush Tongued Parrot 1Lorikeet, Brush Tongued Parrot 1Three Beautiful Lorikeets

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Weekly Blog 29 Beautiful Heron 01Beautiful Heron 01Beautiful Heron Yesterday Michelle and I visited Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray, Florida and she was thrilled with the amazing landscape and the abundance of beautiful birds.  This wonderful Heron was kind enough to pose for me and I am pleased to share the photo with you.

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Weekly Blog 28 Snow Storm In China

​I have been participating in the Boca Museum Artist Guild exhibitions at Florida Atlantic University for many months.  One of two two photos I have hanging in their Living Room location this month won a third place award.  This is really cool, because I compete with oil paintings, pastels and other fine art.  I feel really blessed! JW_02587_XianJW_02587_XianEmperor's Retreat

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Weekly Blog 27 After moving to Hong Kong 1n 1987, I spent considerable time in China establishing strategic partners for VLSI Technology.  This gave me a great opportunity to explore and photograph a China that was about to go through considerable changes.  This photograph was taken in Zhuhai, a city in Southern China. JW_04217_Zhuhai-2JW_04217_Zhuhai-2Country Road

]]> (Jeff Winters Photography) Asia China PRC bicycle country dirt road rustic scenic Mon, 21 Mar 2016 23:52:22 GMT
Weekly Blog 26 Red-Bellied Woodpecker 1Red-Bellied Woodpecker Beautiful Red-Bellied Woodpecker

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Weekly Blog 25 ​Plein Fun Fest

Yesterday, my Brother Terry and I photographed the artists participating in the Plein Fun Fest.  This event was sponsored by Plein Air, Palm Beach.  It was a wonderful event and both Terry and I enjoyed both photographing and getting to know some of their incredible artists.  


]]> (Jeff Winters Photography) Art Artist Delray Beach Florida Landscape Palm Beach Plein Air Plein Fun Fest Scenic Sun, 21 Feb 2016 19:11:16 GMT
Weekly Blog 24 Beautiful Utah

​This photo of the amazing Utah landscape was taken more than 20 years ago with slide film and later digitized.  It's just another example of the incredible beauty that God has provided for our enjoyment.   JW_23159_UtahJW_23159_UtahNikon 801

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Weekly Blog 23A Beautiful Korea

​Although South Korea is filled with awesome beauty, my most special memories of my many visits is the wonderful hospitality and warmth shown me. JW_08539_KoreaJW_08539_KoreaNikon 801

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Weekly Blog 22 Snow Storm In China

With snow so much of a story in the news last week, I thought I'd post a photo of just how beautiful snow can be if you don't have to shovel it.  This photo was taken at an ancient resort just outside of Xian, China. JW_02589_XianJW_02589_XianSnowstorm in China

]]> (Jeff Winters Photography) Asia China PRC Resort Scenic Snow Winter Xian Thu, 28 Jan 2016 12:50:59 GMT
Weekly Blog 21 Creative Alligator

​I have been photographing nature for many years and sometimes I get to see something very special.  This alligator was swimming with an island attached to his body.  His prey will never see him coming. Gator 01Gator 01

]]> (Jeff Winters Photography) Florida Wakodahatchee Wetlands alligator hunting nature reptile swimming Sun, 24 Jan 2016 18:36:15 GMT
Weekly Blog 20 Black Crowned Night Heron and Chick

​I took this photograph several years ago at Badlands Preserve in Palo Alto, California.  The chick is focused on Mama and that;s a good way to learn and stay out of trouble.  Oh yes, it can also get you fed.  

Black Crowned Night Heron 3Black Crowned Night Heron 3Black Crowned Night Heron With Chick

]]> (Jeff Winters Photography) Baylands Preserve Bird Black Crowned Night Heron California Chick Nature Palo_Alto Fri, 15 Jan 2016 12:58:45 GMT
Weekly Blog 19 Unlikely Friends

With so much hatred and violence in our world, it's wonderful to see two of God's very different creatures come together and live in peace.  This beautiful Cormorant and colorful Iguana can share this tree without fear for their safety.  We could learn from them. Cormorant-Iguana01Cormorant-Iguana01Unlikely Friends


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Weekly Blog 18 Blue Heron Nest

Whether it's our faith, our finances, our relationships or merely getting back to the gym, we see the the new year as a new beginning.  To me, this photo I shot last Saturday of two beautiful Blue Heron building a nest, represents the opportunity for a new beginning and renewal that God provides us all. JW_D_Blue Heron Nest__00001JW_D_Blue Heron Nest__00001

]]> (Jeff Winters Photography) Birds Blue_Heron Florida Great_Blue_Heron Nature Nest Renewal Wakodahatchie_Wetlands Mon, 28 Dec 2015 12:23:29 GMT
Weekly Blog 17 UNITED CAMP 2015

As I reflect back through this amazing year, I can't help but smile as I think about United Camp. The commitment to provide a life changing adventure for our youth, was our lofty goal.  This photo reflects the joy experienced by the youth and the leaders who served, the Baptisms later that week represented goal accomplished!. Remembering United Camp is a good way to head into to Christmas with a feeling of being truly blessed..   1A8A80251A8A8025

]]> (Jeff Winters Photography) CBG Church_By Coral_prongs Florida Glades Student_Ministry The_Wave United_Camp _The Tue, 22 Dec 2015 19:22:05 GMT
Weekly Blog 16 It's Time To Reflect On Our Blessings!

This time of the year, it's easy to get caught up on the business of the season.  Presents to buy, year-end office demands and family obligations, but it's important to slow down and reflect on our blessings.  There is no better place on God's Earth than Yosemite in the Winter to awaken us to how much God has blessed us. Yosemite 6Yosemite 6

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Weekly Blog 15 Can I Have One Please

Sometimes it's a good thing to have a camera with you.  This photo was taken in Taiyan, a city in Northern China in the early 1990s.  .  I will be submitting this photo, along with a photo titled Manila Harbor Sunset to participate in the Boca Museum Artist Guild's December show. JW_02526_TaiyaunJW_02526_Taiyaun

]]> (Jeff Winters Photography) Asia Balloons Child China Cute Girl PRC Fri, 04 Dec 2015 16:24:58 GMT
Weekly Blog 14 ​Incredible Hong Kong Harbor

I lived in Hong Kong for almost five years, while serving as Managing Director of Asian Operations for VLSI Technology. I never got board of photographing the people or the landscape.  Hong Kong is unique in both it's culture and the most beautiful skyline I have ever been blessed to photograph. JW_07238_HongKongJW_07238_HongKongNikon 801

]]> (Jeff Winters Photography) Asia Beautiful Hong_Kong_Harbor buildings ocean scenic ships Tue, 24 Nov 2015 20:34:12 GMT
Weekly Blog 13 Jen Ledger On Drums

I am at home this week following my doctor's orders to rid myself of Asthmatic Bronchitis.  As I thought about this weeks blog, I decided to give equal time to Jen Ledger, the other very talented female member of Skillet.  Oh yes, she loves her drums! JW_00140FCC-SkilletJW_00140FCC-Skillet

]]> (Jeff Winters Photography) Alternative_Rock California Drummer. Drums FCC Family_Community_Church Jen_Ledger Music Rock San_Jose Skillet Wed, 18 Nov 2015 12:41:36 GMT
Weekly Blog 12 Don't Touch My Guitar

In November of 2008 I photographed a Skillet concert at Family Community Church (FCC) in San Jose, California.  Korey Cooper is a keyboardist and guitar player for this incredible band and I was able to capture the intensity of her commitment to this music and the quality of her performance.  This photo is now hanging in a Boca Museum Artist Guild exhibition at Florida Atlantic University.


]]> (Jeff Winters Photography) Alternative_Rock California Christian_Rock FCC Family_Community_Church Guitar Kory_Cooper Music Musician Skillet Stage_3 Tue, 10 Nov 2015 21:36:27 GMT