The beauty of nature and the diversity of our world is a gift from God. Capturing it with my camera is my passion!

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My photography has taken me all over the globe. Whether shooting wildlife in China or candids in France, I have loved every minute of my photographic adventures. I invite you to share my adventures through the photographs on my site. By clicking on an image you have the opportunity to purchase a print at your selected size from MPIX, my printer of choice.

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Mammals and Reptiles

Visitors 119
18 photos
Created 24-Jan-16
Modified 24-Jan-16
Mammals and Reptiles


Visitors 176
134 photos
Created 19-May-16
Modified 19-May-16

Butterflies and insects

Visitors 219
67 photos
Created 30-Jun-15
Modified 30-Jun-15
Butterflies and insects


Visitors 16
33 photos
Created 12-Dec-14
Modified 12-Dec-14


Visitors 147
140 photos
Created 6-Apr-16
Modified 6-Apr-16

Hong Kong

Visitors 82
76 photos
Created 31-May-14
Modified 31-May-14
Hong Kong


Visitors 72
21 photos
Created 20-Jun-14
Modified 20-Jun-14

Man's Best Friend

Visitors 41
5 photos
Created 2-May-14
Modified 2-May-14
Man's Best Friend


Visitors 45
18 photos
Created 4-Aug-14
Modified 4-Aug-14

Beauty Of Florida

Visitors 73
18 photos
Created 13-Jul-15
Modified 13-Jul-15
Beauty Of Florida

Goodland July 4th, 2015

Visitors 40
23 photos
Created 5-Jul-15
Modified 5-Jul-15
Goodland July 4th, 2015

Plein Fun Fest

Visitors 5
54 photos
Created 16-Mar-16
Modified 16-Mar-16
Plein Fun Fest

Guestbook for Jeff Winters Photography
5.Lucia Feng(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us. They are absolutely stunningly rich in details and beauty!
4.Lily Bernardino(non-registered)
I really like the butterfly pictures!
3.Ginger Eisenrod(non-registered)
Your work is amazing!
2.Randy Winters(non-registered)
I'm thrilled you are finally sharing your life long work.